War On Words Vol​.​1

by Warm Swords

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Co-Release of U-BAC (leipzig) & GONE WITH THE WEED (paris)

Track 9 by Mau Mau, All other songs by Warm Swords

Special Thanks to:
Helgi - Tape Provider
Lise - Drums on tracks 1&9
Camila - Clarinet on track 6
Marian - Bass & Vocals on track 9
Osama - Intro/Outro on Track 9
Rufus Beck, Leipzig Ost Crew

All Songs recorded & mixed by Warm Swords
Artwork by Giulia & Caelan

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released May 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Warm Swords

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Track Name: Genius Plan
This time, i will be baking till the burns
Got my ideas fixed, savage contradictions
This way no one is gonna sniff my brain
I don't won't you in me, no more can you anticipate

This was my genius plan
Impossible to comprehend

For the sake of the stress, i will find a new nest
Cognitive dissonance has melted in my head
This time i will be going down the hole
No need for the studies, no more can he analyse

We'll be one, all alone, and we'll be alone as one
Track Name: Les Fourmis
Je ne broie que du noir
Depuis que tu es partis
Les journées sont toutes oubliées
A force, à force de forcé
J'y pense puis j'oublie
Tu sais très bien que j'men fous
Mon coeur dans la gadou
Et maintenant c'est finit

Je ne peux plus rester dans cet endroit
J'y pense puis j'oublie
Et oui si ça me chante
Les fourmis

Le regard des gens
M'effraie de plus en plus
Pendant que je suis dans la colle
Autour de moi ça s'affole
Hostile, Justice, Sécurité
Fumiste, Fantaisiste, Bon à Rien
Track Name: New Display
There's no place for me to stay
I guess i'll be on my way
I have been through this hall
Down these stairs day by day
As i'm walking in the fog
Motion sets right on time
I'm not happy, i'm not sad
All these pictures in my bag

Everyday is a new display
And it's not meant to stay

I'm eating up, i'm drinking through
All the poison in my veins
Keep standing, keep on striving
Can't wait to see day's delight
Track Name: Undecided
Theatrical moments
Everydays language
List of habits

Drowned in doubts
Social constraints
Watching the screens
To the eyes of the masses
To the eye of a copycat mind

Making you mind up
Engage, promise
Cutlure, beleif
Track Name: The Neighbourhood
I'm in the streets today
Walked out the door just for one thing
'Cause i wanted more
Everyone knows it all
Until they really change
Have they any idea what this place means to me?

Indeed, everything is changing way too fast
We have all seeked refuge
From what is way to huge
Right here

The people look at me and i look back to them
We have a strange exchange
This whole big family
No one knows you are but do you know yourself?
These times are strange indeed when everyone's the same

Indeed, everything's changing way too fast
I've seen your face before
Dark days and sleepless nights
I'm in the streets tonight
No one is ready to fight
These times just don't seem right
They talk the walk, they talk the walk
But i know who you are, i've seen your face before
Down in the streets last night
Right here, on Eisenbahnstrasse.
Track Name: Nothing Will Break Me
Arrested on a hitch hike
Getting up in the morning
Technological chaos
Wasted nights
Paying taxes
Listening to your talks
Not knowing what to do
Break ups
Fake bands, fake messages
Political manipulation

Nothing will break me

Lib-dem snow flakes
Violence as reason
Angry bourgeoisie

Nothing will break me

Middle crap non sense
Utopian minds

Nothing will break me
Track Name: Time Pushin
All of these things in my head
Driving me right to the edge
You don't deal with it no more
Finding a hole to escape
Trying to live like a whore
Too much is happening inside

Think i'm just going insane
Nothing makes sense anymore
Gotta get more of it all
Now i feel little inside
Now you've got me to the ground
This is not where it will stop
Taking your games to the edge
Breaking all of your rules
Pushing it right underground
If you want to take it under
Why don't we just go together?
Track Name: Auf Der Jagd
Immer an der Wand lang
Immer auf der Jagd
Nach dem grossen glück
Track Name: Sucked In Herself
She's never seen time go so fast
The crowd is pissed, the walls are sad
She drives a dream accross the floor
Follows the stream down in your spine

She thought she knew nothing
Though she knew much more

Everything's been done, so why you try?
But here's her time to shine
Never a word, looking for nothing
Never asked why things went so quickly

She thought she knew nothing
Though she knew much more
Track Name: So Long
Guess it's true
I have lost my mind
Left or right
Never knew how to sort them out
Trust a friend
You can lie on his back
All my thoughts are way too wack

If i don't do the right thing
You will have to see me go
So long

Only at one third of the path
Don't want to go
All at the top
I'm not strong
Knew that from the start
When it comes to survival
You are on your own
So long
Everything i thought was true
Has just turned to mud

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